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The Home Sellers Survival Guide Advise for selling your home in a digital world

Detroit Startup Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

Real estate agents used to have access to exclusive information their clients couldn’t find on their own. Technology has changed all that.

Digital Real estate

In today’s digital age, most things are a few keystrokes away. You’ll find neighborhood crime rates, property values, and school ratings within reach of anyone with an internet connection or a smart phone. For some digitally savvy sellers, that’s an invitation to skip the agent and, in the process, cut out the pesky 6% commission that is traditionally divided between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent., a real estate start-up in the Detroit market has emerged that promises a more leisurely answer to an especially stressful and expensive real estate sale. Skipagent was founded on the principle that the internet is doing away with middle man. Home buyers are using the internet for much of their research, as a result today’s real estate agent’s role has changed, creating an opportunity for home seller to saves money. “Skipagent is streamlining the home selling process and charging a flat fee to do it. Where a traditional seller’s agent would take 3% commission on sale, Skipagent charges a flat $399 and provides much of the same services of a traditional seller’s agent”, says Ahmad Fawaz the Principle Broker at

According to the National Assn. of Realtors, 92% of buyers use the Internet during their home search and 68% of first-time home buyers are millennials, familiar with the conveniences of Netflix, Amazon, and Uber to simplify routine transactions.

  • A study by Blackhawk Engagement Solutions found that millennials are completely disrupting traditional shopping patterns. The study found that millennials primary means to connect to the internet is through smartphones, while social media is the number one resource used for shopping information, and when it comes to price, it has the greatest influence on millennials’ purchase decisions above all other factors.

“The digital evolution is not limited to the way we shop for electronics, watch movies, and pay our bills, it’s disrupting many industries, real estate is no acceptation. The industry should be embracing the technology wave and working on new ways to service customers based on their needs and convenience in mind,” said Ali Fawaz, a founding partner of Skipagent.

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The results of the study further confirm that millennial shoppers are plugged into mobile and social shopping and are disrupting previously well-established shopping habits like house hunting. When consumer habits change, it’s only a matter of time before the marketplace adjusts accordingly. is a technology based startup in Michigan providing a flat fee real estate listing service that meets the needs of today’s online shoppers. Visit to learn more.

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