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Best Burger In Wayne County Goes To…

Best Burger In Wayne County Goes To…

WAYNE COUNTY, MI — So, just who has the best burger in western Wayne County? It’s a subjective endeavor to be sure, but we were curious and found at least one guide to some of the county’s best joints through the review site Yelp. Here’s what we found:

  1. Basement Burger Bar, 42452 Ford Road, Canton, — Yelp rates the Canton restaurant four stars out of five after more than 200 reviews. While some say the restaurant is too small, most agree that the burgers are outstanding. “The kobe beef in my burger was excellent – without a doubt the best burger I’ve ever had,” Darryl J. of Westland wrote in a March 4 review. “I loved the sharp cheddar cheese that I decided on along with my five toppings.”
  2. The Burger Spot, 550 Forest Avenue, Plymouth — Also rated four stars, this gem sits in downtown Plymouth. “The food was delicious. I will definitely recommend it to my friends who like good burgers,” wrote Danielle S. of Plymouth in a June 10 review. “I got the Greek Chicken Burger and it was delicious. The fries may seem expensive, but you can definitely share an order. My husband and I shared the Poutine fries and they were great.
  3. Bates Hamburgers, 33406 Five Mile Road, Livonia – A throwback from days gone by, Bates has been an institution at the corner of Five Mile and Farmington roads for many years. “Great sliders and a must have experience when you are in town,” Michael A. of Rocklin, California wrote in a July 19 review. “Grilled onions and cheese is a must! Back in town from the west coast and made my cousin meet me there for lunch. Bigger than a white castle and about the size of a McDonalds basic cheeseburger. Enjoy!”
  4. Brome Burgers & Shakes, 22062 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn – One of the most popular burger spots in metropolitan Detroit, more than 300 people have reviewed the Dearborn institution and given it an overall rating of four stars. “As for the burgers, all the ingredients tasted fresh and you could really taste the quality,” wrote Stephanie K. of Rochester in a July 17 review. “The Brome sauce was a little runny but it didn’t make the bun soggy.”
  5. Bray’s Hamburgers, 35650 Ford Road, Westland – “To go with the awesome shake I ordered a five pack of cheeseburgers and they were very good too,” wrote Don K of Westland in a July 3, 2016 review.

Photo by Stu_Spivack via Flickr Commons

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Originally published July 30, 2017.

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